About eLand

eLand specializes in R&D for cutting-edge information technologies that apply to the realm of search, automatic semantic analysis, the social media analysis and behavioral targeting, etc. Holding more than 60 patents in domestic and abroad, our company has been devoting in R&D for core techniques since its establishment.

With the ambition to incorporate data analysis technology into cloud computing, eLand also aims to become one of the top software R&D companies in the world.

Steadily taking up the first place in the market share of Taiwan, our current products and services include a platform providing the analysis of internet-based communities and a search engine Natural Language Processing platform.

In addition, our customers include leading enterprises from high-tech industry, telecommunication, financial industry, retail industry, and so on, thus leading to an extremely high market coverage.

Our Expertise

We specialize in Big Data processing, search engine, machine learning about coined words, automatic summarization of Chinese documents, segmentation and keyword extraction.

The Scale Of Our Platforms

As the largest social media listening and analysis platform in Taiwan, we have the most complete channels for observing and analyzing internet word of mouth.

Application On Multiple Industries

Our products apply to the top brands in more than 50 industries, including consumer electronic, healthcare, telecommunication, financial industry, retail and wholesale, etc.


Derive More Value From Data

Identifying that the lack of sound transaction mechanisms, technical level limitations, and the intransparency of data suppliers hinder the development of the third-party industry in Taiwan, then eLand has created the largest third-party data market in Taiwan by overcoming these challenges since 2017 and has managed to turn data into profits.

Nowadays, our company provide a rapid access to the third-party industry for both data suppliers and data consumers and this is attributed to our experiences over dozen years in data business negotiations, our over 60 patented technologies (data synthesis technology and data de-identification included) , efforts of our experienced sales team and the establishment of credible distribution channels.

Data Market.tw, which offers two types of data, is capable of being applied to research, analysis and business, which can assist enterprises in generating deeper insights into clients, brand performance, products, and services.


Through WebFingerprint™ patent technology, PeopleView collects behavioral action data from more than twenty million active devices around Taiwan. After de-identification and integrating third-party data such as shopping and geographic route with it, PeopleView can rapidly renew millions of membership behaviors and attributed tags, which can assist companies in recognizing their customers more precisely and strengthening their effectiveness for customer relationship management(CRM) and marketing.


As the largest social media listening platform in Taiwan, OpView observes more than twenty thousand channels every day, including popular social media sites,news websites,forums,blogs and so on. With the advanced automatic semantic analysis technology and cloud computing, we offer comprehensive service of observing and analyzing online conversations, which can help companies to know more about publics’ real voice and grab the trend of the markets better.